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Politically correct January 7, 2010

Posted by onlinejesus in Devine Moment of Truth.
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Time and time again, I am reminded that you did not take to heart what I have told my homies to write in what you now call the New Testament. It’s time you treat each other with respect and dignity and not call each other names.

And as I was thinking about this topic/issue a couple of days ago I ran into a comment on youtube that I’ve added below. As you can see once again the term of ‘nazi’ is not used to denote a person belonging to the nazi party or regime but an evil man. I put it to you, the person who said that is shallow and racist. He discriminates against arians, which is by definition racist.

I have already forgiven that guy for his nickname.

Any arguments?! Sure, some might say that most nazis were bringing shame upon themselves and the disgrace of Me and Father, but can’t you say the same thing about most black people in Brooklyn and Harlem?! That obviously doesn’t mean that ALL were bad, just a few of them that got the most media coverage. And in any case, it’s a sure bet that the streets in Berlin are (and always were) safer than the streets of New York. I know this because I use to travel a lot whenever I need more followers.

I think I have proved my point, and in any case, what I say is law, so if you’re not satisfied with the argument, believe it anyway.

Other terms used by racists that are going to hell:
african american – this basically puts all black people in the same boat (and sends them to Americas to be sold as slaves). What if you have a brother from Belgium go to New York to get some ice, does he all of a sudden become american? Is the visa legislation slightly relaxed because of the race? –>> racist

latino – it’s the same as ‘african american’ but for people of latin descent. The difference here is that latino doesn’t cover all the latin people. I.E. when was the last time you saw an italian and said to yourself (or the authorities) “he’s latino”. Get your facts right, girlfriend, italians are more ‘latino’ than any south american nation. Why is that? Well it’s because italians, formally know as romans, wrote the latin – english dictionaries for the first time. They also made ME speak latin, it’s true, my second language after hebrew is latin. Imagine how that went, because my jew carpenter father would not pay for private latin classes for his bastard son 😦

So in conclusion, I say onto you, try not to be so politically correct or you’re going to hell. Father already knows if you meant to say nigger or spick or Soprano motherfucker so just say what’s on your mind.

The multilingual prince of peace and love,