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A day without suicide is like a day without sunshine January 18, 2010

Posted by onlinejesus in Devine Moment of Truth.
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It’s true… It is true. I was just thinking about the news and how you sometimes have to wait a few days before you hear something being committed in the name of religion. Like a new museum (you have to check this one out) or a new endeavor to teach creationism in biology, a suicidal bombing (attempt) and so on. But then, my beloved followers, I rejoiced for I had a miraculous thought. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, I thought… but if I check in international news there’s gonna be sunshine everyday.

This helps me go through the day by day pains of my sufferings. And I suffer of course, so I can forgive sins. You see it is in My infinite wisdom (and My Fathers’ and Holy Spirits’) that I have devised this perfect system in which I (My Father) created you imperfect, than I (Me) came on Earth to suffer so that I can forgive your imperfections and thus grant you My (My Father’s) eternal grace.

Now I don’t like pointing fingers here, because I love all of you sinners, BUT Christians, heed my words and pick up your act, because the muslims are way ahead of you in the game. They give themselves to Me (Allah(*)) with far greater lack of judgment than you. And as I am Me, I will rephrase My words from the Bible “if you judge, you will be judged”. So I call upon you once more, to stop judging and follow My word.

Until next confession remember to do your bit for the sunshine each day,


(*) Allah is just a differentiator from God. And it’s not even that different, consider it more of a translation from one language to the next. We all know My good buddy John, was actually called Ioannis back then, but We let it slide, because English is more common now than latin. But in the end, it’s still God and that is still Me.