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iSlam news January 1, 2010

Posted by onlinejesus in Devine Moment of Truth.
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Today a great miracle took place in the cradle of iSlam, proving once again the power and mercy of my latest client, Muhammed. A plane carrying 130 arabs and 6 americans landed safely on the airport in Quatar. According to sources no incidents were recorded onboard the airplane during the 4 hour flight. Thus establishing a new world record for longest flight of an airplane with muslims on board. The last record was 2 hours 40 minutes and it was set in 2006.

Popular belief dictates that muslims know the truth. The absolute truth, as it is written by me in the Quran. And the truth is that people can’t fly. Also that pigs are filthy even if you cook them (with fire), but you can clean your feet by washing them with warm water. But I digress, muslims, who now manage to be up to date with all the technological breakthroughs that are mentioned in the Quran have a real difficult time switching from the flying carpet to a case of metal… a golden cage for most.Peace and Love So after they finish rubbing the lamp, mandatory on each flight (an old relic from the carpet flying days) they become agitated and want to take control over the plane.

A great start for the new year indeed!. Just in case this article proves to be offensive to a certain category of readers, I’ve added a picture which will clarify my perspective on this issue.

Praise Me, I’ll praise your DJs,