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Gay is the new black January 15, 2010

Posted by onlinejesus in Devine Moment of Truth.
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My fellow christians, it’s time to acknowledge and take pride in your common beliefs. And today’s theme is just about that ‘Gays are the new blacks’ in America.

A brief history of time would tells us that if we consider 60 years to be like 1 hour then exactly 1 hour ago you hated blackies with the same passion you now hate the ass pirates. Oh, I had such a laugh, I almost felt like My first home here on earth more that 2000 years ago. You were going to My churches all over the US on Sundays (which is a bit off, but I never did mind) and you took really good care no coons would enter them. I love everybody, in fact several years ago in Brazil I loved this wonderful blackie, oh… it was the summer of a lifetime… well your lifetime, not Mine. But deep down I knew you just wanted what was best for me, because these blacks were so well hung it was painful.

Today you have an african american/nigger president, that’s a huge leap. And he’s an atheist too, but being the educated man that he is, he will never admit it as long as there is still a strong uneducated christian majority in the country. But just the same, today you go to My churches all over the country and make sure no gay guys enter. Because it says in the book of Leviticus that a man shall not lay with another man as he does with a woman. But the truth being told, I never said anything about gay guys, in fact most of the apostles knew personally my preferences, but we’ve decided not to make our relationships public.

Let’s hope that during this lifetime you will take less heed of My Fathers words, and more of Mine, and Me and Emanuel will be able to enjoy one another more openly.

My eternal love to both sexes,